Want Better Growth?

BYOGROW products are a blend of a number of unique components designed to correct soil problems and provide basic nutrient requirements of plants and crops. It is designed to be used to free up bound nutrients or to be used in conjunction with current nutrient programs.


Soil Over-fertilized or Contaminated?

BYO-DETOX is a proprietary humified soil extract with the nine essential soil microbes included in the formulation. The product works by providing an organic substructure with an extremely high ion exchange capacity which over time dissipates the salt from soil. Special enzymes significantly increase the degradation process by facilitating the transfer and uptake of nutrient by the microbial population.


Need More Production?

BYO-FEED products contain a proprietary blend of fermentation products to help maintain digestion of fiber, starch and other nutrients.  BYO-FEED products are recommended for use during times of stress including freshening, weaning, handling and transportation, animals in sick pens, or other environmental challenges.