About Us

NuAgro Resources LLC is a small privately held company that develops advanced organic-based solutions to make soil more productive and fertile.  NuAgro is a partnership of hardworking individuals taking their decades of experience in sales and science to design and deliver quality products to our customers.

We specialize in improving soil quality and enhancing soil microbial activity to help our agricultural, industrial, and residential clients overcome the growing challenges they are facing. We want feedback from you, the customer, because we want to make our products better.

Our flagship product line Byo-Grow incorporates the “Power of Three” approach to solving agriculture problems.  The “Power of Three” combines three important components that are lacking in traditional fertilizers/soil treatments to restore a fertile growing environment.  Farms, vineyards, home gardeners use Byo-Grow products to produce vigorous growth and maximize yield.

The company’s corporate office is centrally located in the USA in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.  Our production facility is location in rural Yadkin County, North Carolina to keep us close to the type of agricultural communities that we help.