Reduce Salt in Soil with ByoDetox

ByoDetox products have three key benefits:

  • Reduce salt in soil growth zone
  • Reduce soil contaminants
  • Restore soil quality

ByoDetox provides important soil restoring conditions.  It provides an organic humic substructure as well as a microbial enriched environment to improve soil quality.  For example, biochemical studies show that the humic components can detoxify organic and inorganic inhibitors of biological processes. This includes immobilizing heavy metals (copper, iron, manganese), which can hinder growth. The microbial components can enhance biodegradation of toxic organic substances (phenols, formaldehyde, mineral oil). The high adsorption capacity, high ion exchange capacity and environmental compatibility of ByoDetox make it attractive for environmental remediation and reducing soil salinity. 

ByoDetox is also useful in reducing the environmental impact of soil contaminated by salt water spills.


This product line was designed specifically for agricultural applications. It has the following benefits:

  • Eliminates salt (sodium & chloride) ions up to 3000 ppm from growth zones.
  • Detoxifies the soil from the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with fertilizers and regular chemical products.
  • Increases plant beneficial microbes in soil.
  • Serves as an effective chelating agent, magnifying the availability of vital plant nutrients, including nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and trace minerals.
  • Increases nutrient and water storage through more efficient cellular uptake.
  • Improves the natural organic soil structure through humic acid technology.
  • Reduces disease pressure via beneficial microbial activity.
  • Safe for use around animals, fish and humans.


Technical Data Sheets

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When salt levels are acceptable, plants can extract water from the soil.  Excessive salt in soil changes osmotic pressures causing water to be leech from the plants. ByoDetox can help reduce salt in soil.

Excessive salt in soil prevents plants from absorbing water and can actually remove water from plants.