The Power of Three: Humates, Microbes, and Biostimulants

ByoGrow products take advantage of several technological innovations to make a superior product.  It uses a unique blend of components designed to correct soil problems.  ByoGrow’s most important innovations are the use of humates, microbes, and an advanced biostimulant.  This synergistic combination creates a powerful and beneficial product line for your growing needs.  ByoGrow helps to reach optimal growing conditions.  It targets achieving four important goals, which conventional fertilizers cannot achieve:

  • Bind Soil Impurities
  • Suppress Inherent Diseases
  • Re-Establish Critical Microbial Balance
  • and Release Bound Nutrients

ByoGrow can be an important part to managing your soil, plant, or water operations.


The Benefits of Humates, MIcrobes, and Biostimulants


  • Increase Root Development, Total Leaf Area and Yields per Acre
  • Increase Root Growth
  • Increase Chlorophyll Content
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Improve Nutritional Values including Higher Protein Values
  • Improve Soil Structure
  • Improve Water Retention


  • Preserved in an all-natural preservative package, allowing the microbes to “awake” instantly (vs. chemical preservatives which take days) when mixed with water
  • B. Subtillis (5 Strains)—Known for their strong disease fighting properties
  • B. Polymyxa—Known for its ability to convert calcium and iron into immediately available forms
  • B. Thuringiensis (6 Strains)—Generates an endotoxin lethal to both surface and sub-surface insects
  • B. Licheniformis—An aggressive primary and minor nutrient converter
  • B. Amyloliquefaciens (5 Strains)—Most potent microbial producer of enzymes and has an very high protein export capacity


  • All Natural, Stable Biostimulant
  • Alkaloid Compound Derived from Plant Extracts
  • Naturally Increases Biological Activity and Facilitates Beneficial Microbial Outcomes
  • “Puts Microbes on Steroids”
  • All Biological Benefits from Other Components are Significantly Increased